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Tokens can be redeemed for online arbitrage leads on Leadgeek’s Marketplace

The currency of the Marketplace is a token. One token can be exchanged for one spot of an online arbitrage lead. All non-identifying details of a lead can be seen without spending a token; but if you’re interested in a lead, you can spend your token on a spot for access to the identifying details.


To add tokens to your account, you’ll need to purchase one of Leadgeek’s Kits.

The price of a token depends on the Kit you purchase, and there are discounts for buying in bulk. The variance in Kit pricing is to enable you to purchase the number of tokens that most closely aligns with your need for additional leads.

How to use a token

Spending a token

You can spend however many tokens you want at a time. In other words, you can spend 1 token per lead, or multiple tokens per lead in order to prevent other people from seeing the same details.

Individual redemptions

  1. Go to the page of the lead you’re interested in claiming
  2. Click Claim in the upper-right corner
  3. Click Spend 1 token at the bottom of the popup

The spots claimed bar will immediately increment 1 claimed spot. Additionally, you’ll now be able to see the identifying details of this lead.

Multiple redemptions

Please reference the documentation on Buyout.


Tokens can be refunded within 15 minutes of redemption. This allows for some time to review the details of the lead and determine if the information about it is accurate. Every refund requires a valid refund reason, such as:

  • Inaccurate buy price
  • Inaccurate sell price
  • Expired or invalid promo code
  • Out of stock from source retailer
  • Mismatched items

Since you can link your Leadgeek account to Seller Central, you’ll know if you’re gated in a product before seeing its identifying details. All other information about a lead is public information, such as its price history, number of competitors, etc.

Just like with any other service, these details are your responsibility to review. And since they’re publicly available, lead metrics are not valid refund reasons unless the provided information is inaccurate.

How to refund a token

To refund a token:

  1. Go to the page of the lead for which you’re interested in refunding a token
  2. Click Transaction history in the upper-right corner next to the Claim button
  3. Hover over the row of the token transaction you’d like to refund and click Refund
  4. Provide the reason you’re requesting a token refund

Your tokens for this token transaction will be instantly refunded and the spots claimed bar will immediately adjust to match the number of tokens you just refunded.

If that’s the only token transaction you’ve made for this lead, the identifying details will be hidden again. If you have active token transactions for this lead, the identifying details will persist.


  • Tokens purchased from Kits have an expiration of 1 year
  • Refunds that do not adhere to one of the provide refund reasons may be rejected and the refund reversed (i.e. your token will be re-allocated to the transaction). These cases are up to the discretion of the Leadgeek support team
  • A higher than average rate of token refunds may result in your Leadgeek account being terminated for system abuse

🙋‍♂️ If you still have questions or would like help with anything, please contact support.