The arbitrage sourcing list that's loaded with features

Leadgeek lets you to find the products you want, when you want them. The top 20 features are the perfect combination of hand-curation and wicked-fast software that make arbitrage efficient and (dare I say it?)... fun.

  1. Top-shelf leads come standard

    Scale your business without sacrificing quality in your inventory. Carefully-tailored criteria and vetting methods allow you to get professional-grade arbitrage sourcing at a fraction of the price. Every lead needs to meet profit, ROI, and sales requirements so you don’t waste any time with duds.

  2. Laser-accurate number crunching

    If the profit estimations aren’t accurate, you’re often stuck with products that are breakeven or even lose you money. With Leadgeek, all Amazon fees are accounted for with the official calculator so you see numbers that can be relied on.

  3. Source comprehensive categories

    Building a diversified inventory has never been easier. Choose items sourced from 25+ top-selling Amazon categories to create your ideal product portfolio.

  4. Solid sources by default

    Over 500 trusted US-based retailers are used to source products. This not only gives you variety, but a peace of mind that your items are authentic brands to arbitrage, not some knock-off crap that will get your Seller Central account suspended.

  5. Check out historical metrics

    History tends to repeat itself, and you deserve the full picture. That’s why Leadgeek includes 30 & 90 day metrics and competition for the buy box. Use historical data to see trends like seasonality, out of stock spikes, and more.

  6. Keep 'em coming

    Leadgeek is all about predictability, especially when it comes to the quantity of leads you can expect. Gone are the days of striking out when sourcing - the Feed delivers a guaranteed number of leads each and every weekday. Just scroll through to find the ones that best fit your selling style.

  7. The inner circle

    Leadgeek takes seller exclusivity seriously, which is why there are no-budge caps on the number of people allowed on a list at any given time: 30 members for the Grow plan and 15 for the Pro plan - cutting competition significantly.

  8. Hot off the press

    Leadgeek helps you make sourcing a system by releasing fresh leads every morning by 9 am CST. These guaranteed arbitrage opportunities let you be the first one to order - and the first one to sell.

  9. Professional experience in your corner

    The Leadgeek sourcing process includes review by a seasoned US Amazon seller for each and every lead. That way, the only products you see are ones that have been approved by years of FBA know-how.

  10. Skim info in the Feed

    The Feed shows the most important product metrics by design, making it easy to see the leads you’re interested in and breeze through the ones you aren’t. You won’t be bombarded by info, but instead feel informed to make the right decisions for you.

  11. Surface data, don't dig for it

    You’ve finally got 30 minutes to sit down and check out some arbitrage leads. But there’s tons of information to sort through and so many metrics to analyze that it all feels overwhelming. Not with Leadgeek. Leadgeek allows you to combine simple filters in a powerful way to only show the information that’s important to you.

  12. View details on the fly

    Don't miss a beat with the detailed view for each item. See primary metrics, historical data, and helpful notes all in one place. Also included are helpful links to the source retailer, Amazon listing, and Seller Central to see if the product is ungated for you.

  13. Stay organized with "Like" & "Archive"

    Things are right where you expect to find them with Leadgeek's simple but powerful like and archive system. Like the leads you want to order soon and archive the ones that deserve a second look at some point in the future.

  14. Account for prep costs automatically

    Built-in tools allow you to easily estimate product prep fees. Whether you need to calculate a fee based on quantity or weight, you'll see real-world profitability for each item.

  15. Leave your mark

    Personalize each product by writing a comment to remind you of something for later. Interested in a few variations or plan to re-order an item? Write it down so you don’t forget!

  16. Keyword central

    Looking for something in particular? Powerful search lets you find what you’re interested in without hunting through thousands of leads. Input keywords to search by the source store, title, or ASIN.

  17. Variation suggestions out of the box

    Finding the right variation is great, but it takes valuable time to determine which ones are worth selling. With Leadgeek, variation research is done for you. These suggestions and seller-to-seller notes give you clarity on how to order your inventory.

  18. Your very own research assistant

    Are you ever curious if there’s a promo or some discount you’re missing before you order? Now you don’t have to wonder. Any available promotional code, free shipping minimum, and cashback is automatically noted.

  19. Leads belong to you

    Leadgeek puts you in control - and that means that you should be able to download your product leads if you want to. It's easy to export the items you want into a spreadsheet to do whatever you want with.

  20. A+ member support

    Navigating Amazon's marketplace can be a challenge, but there's no need to go through it alone. LeadGeek members get dedicated guidance from an experienced arbitrage seller to prevent pitfalls and solve issues. Sell with confidence, not confusion.