Laser-accurate number crunching

If the profit estimations aren’t accurate, you’re often stuck with products that are breakeven or even lose you money. With Leadgeek, all Amazon fees are accounted for with the official calculator so you see numbers that can be relied on.

  • Sorry, *which* tool do you use to estimate fees?

    This one. The official calculator from Amazon is pretty much the only reliable way to get an idea of profitability. This little tool keeps up with the changing FBA fee structure, so these numbers are pretty darn close to accurate.

  • What costs are included?

    Two big fees - and one kinda-hidden fee - are built into Leadgeek's estimations. The referral fee (the charge for selling on Amazon's marketplace), the FBA fulfillment fee (for handling shipping and customer service), and the estimated storage cost (an often-neglected charge) are bundled into this calculator.

  • Are the values updated periodically?

    Nope, they aren't. A big part of arbitrage in general is timing, and things are bound to change. While it would be nice to keep the profitability metrics updated over time, it's just not feasible with 100+ new leads sourced each week.