Strict Criteria

Awesome products sourced for you, not by you.

LeadGeek helps you scale your business without sacrificing quality. Our team sorts through thousands of arbitrage leads every day to bring you the best opportunities so you don't have to spend hours sourcing yourself.

How it works

Give your sourcing a competitive edge.

High standards

Don't spend any time sourcing products yourself. Our strict criteria allow you to receive the top 1% of products immediately.

Low competition

We keep seller competition in check with extremely tight member cutoffs and advanced capacity balancing methods.

Comprehensive categories

We source products from over 13 categories to keep the daily leads fresh and give our members a variety of choices.

High standards

Enjoy strict standards that yield superior products.

Carefully-tailored requirements and vetting methods allow you to get professional-grade arbitrage sourcing at a fraction of the price. Though many metrics are used to determine product quality, four are most important: net profit, net ROI, sales velocity, and the seller insight test.

Sizeable profit per unit

Net Profit

A wide profit margin gives you peace of mind about price fluctuations - the Grow plan's products must have an absolute minimum of $4 profit per unit, and the Pro plan's products must meet $5 to be considered for approval. Though these minimums offer plenty of padding, average profits are much higher.

High return on investment


Generous ROI criteria allow sellers to grow quickly no matter their starting capital. To be approved, every product on the Grow plan must meet at least 40% ROI per unit. Standards on the Pro plan are even more strict, requiring 50% ROI per unit.

Quick product turnover

Sales Velocity

Generate revenue quickly and be able to re-invest profits as these products move through your store's pipeline. Expect consistent product turnover with a minimum standard of 10 sales per month on the Grow plan and 15 sales per month on the Pro plan.

Professional sellers in your corner

Seller Insight Test

Part of LeadGeek's vetting process includes having an experienced US Amazon seller review each lead before being sent out. With a reasonable degree of certainty, products are inspected to verify that they'll continue to perform well into the future.

Low competition

Strategies that reduce lead exposure.

Seat limiting

Intra-list seller competition is something we take very seriously, which is why we cut down on lead exposure by setting no-budge caps on the number of members allowed on a list at any given time.

List splitting

If one of our lists has hit maximum capacity, we'll halve the current competition when we open a new one. For instance, if 30 sellers are on the Grow plan, we'll open a new list and balance the members 15/15.


Max 15 members

Pro Plan

Max 15 members

Grow Plan

Max 30 members

List splitting

Active for all plans

Comprehensive categories

Access profitable leads from 13+ proven categories

Experience a wide variety of arbitrage leads from the best-selling categories on Amazon. Whether you're just starting out or you've been selling for a while, these are the most profitable types of products to flip.

  • Baby
  • Beauty & personal care
  • Books
  • Clothing, shoes, & jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Garden & outdoor
  • Grocery & gourmet food
  • Home & kitchen
  • Industrial & scientific
  • Office products
  • Pet supplies
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Toys & games

Grow plan priority

Ungated categories

Both lists have a mix of gated and ungated products, but the Grow plan is weighted slightly more to ungated products.

Pro plan priority

Gated categories

The Pro plan includes all categories, but prioritizes products from the beauty, clothing, grocery, and toys categories.

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Our team works tirelessly to bring you a consistent output of high-quality products that you can count on to deliver results.

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