Top-shelf leads come standard

Scale your business without sacrificing quality in your inventory. Carefully-tailored criteria and vetting methods allow you to get professional-grade arbitrage sourcing at a fraction of the price. Every lead needs to meet profit, ROI, and sales requirements so you don’t waste any time with duds.

  • What's the base net profit?

    The minimum profit (after FBA fees) a product must meet is $4/unit for the Grow plan and $7/unit for the Pro plan.

  • What's the base ROI?

    On top of the profit criteria, any item has to have at least a 40% ROI on the Grow plan and a 50% ROI on the Pro plan.

  • What's the base sales velocity?

    The minimum sales criteria are 10 sales/month + <2% BSR on the Grow plan and 15 sales/month + <1.5% BSR on the Pro plan.

  • Ok - what about the averages?

    Over 2500+ products, the average profit is $12.96, the average ROI is 84%, and the average sales/mo. are 83. There are no lame chump-change products 'round these parts: The average selling price (ASP) is $43.57. Not too shabby!

  • How did you pick these criteria?

    When you combine the profit, ROI, BSR, and monthly sales minimums, there's reasonable padding built in for any fluctuations. To boot - any lead with these standards means that they're generally in the top 1% of products sold on Amazon's US marketplace.