Surface data, don't dig for it

You’ve finally got 30 minutes to sit down and check out some arbitrage leads. But there’s tons of information to sort through and so many metrics to analyze that it all feels overwhelming. Not with Leadgeek. Leadgeek allows you to combine simple filters in a powerful way to only show the information that’s important to you.

  • What can I filter by?

    There are 7 min/max value filters: profit, buy price, sell price, ROI, BSR, monthly sales, and weight. Additionally, only see products that are in a particular category or that were posted on a certain date.

  • Only 9 filters? That doesn't seem like a lot...

    Exactly! Anything more than that and you're probably over-complicating things. The products have already been checked out - the filters are there to bubble what you want up to the top. When combined, the filters are quite powerful.