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Are you ever curious if there’s a promo or some discount you’re missing before you order? Now you don’t have to wonder. Any available promotional code, free shipping minimum, and cashback is automatically noted.

  • does cashback work?

    Sites like Rakuten or TopCashback get a small affiliate commission for referring people to certain retailers like Target, Sierra, ShopDisney, etc. At no cost to you, those retailers allow you to save 1-10%+ when you order your inventory. After a set amount of time, you can trade in your Rakuten/TopCashback credit for gift cards to put towards more inventory.

  • How do I take advantage of this?

    With one click! If there's any discount available, you can check under the notes section in the detailed view to buy from the cashback link.

  • Is the cashback calculated into the purchase price?

    Nope, which means that you'll be able to shave 1-3% on your inventory costs on average.