Keep 'em coming

Leadgeek is all about predictability, especially when it comes to the quantity of leads you can expect. Gone are the days of striking out when sourcing - the Feed delivers a guaranteed number of leads each and every weekday. Just scroll through to find the ones that best fit your selling style.

  • How many leads will I get?

    Leadgeek guarantees 10 products for you to check out every day, Monday-Friday. That's 50 vetted items per week, or 200 every month. Feelin' ready to take on more? The Bundle plan give you 20 leads each day (100/week, 400/month) for a substantial discount.

  • Are there ever any extra leads?

    Heck yeah. There's around 20-40% extra leads more often than not. Being gated in a product can be annoying, so some bonus leads are thrown in to increase your chances of being able to sell more stuff.

  • Do you take any holidays off?

    Indeed we do, but it's not like we're throwing a rager on Earth Day. We take time to rest on Thanksgiving and Christmas.