Proven reliability

Take the guesswork out of everyday sourcing.

LeadGeek gives you a relief from the uncertainty of sourcing. Rather than hoping you'll have products to sell every day, get a guaranteed output to seamlessly grow your FBA business.

How it works

Grow your business systematically.

Save time sourcing

Protect your time by completing monotonous product sourcing in an instant (and at a fraction of the price).

Get informed research

We use 19 data points in our product analysis to ensure you receive only the highest-quality leads every day.

Count on consistency

Take advantage of sourcing stability with a guaranteed, fixed quantity of pre-vetted leads.

Save time sourcing

Focus on what matters most.

Automate the time-consuming work

LeadGeek lets you transition from a sourcing grind into a concentrated FBA business owner. Let our expert team compress 8+ hours of product analysis into a list that you can review in a few minutes each day.

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Get informed research

Dive deep into product information.

Detailed analysis for every product

Since we provide a thorough summary of a product's strengths using 19 real-time data points, you can be empowered to make informed purchasing decisions in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Every product includes:

  • Retailer source
  • Product title
  • Product category
  • Retailer link
  • Amazon product link
  • Current buy price
  • Current sell price
  • Net profit
  • Net ROI
  • Current BSR + %
  • 30 & 90 Day BSR
  • Average monthly sales
  • Seller competition
  • Item weight
  • ASIN
  • Relevant promo codes
  • Cashback discounts
  • Sourcing notes
  • Variation suggestions
Count on consistency

Cut out volume volatility.

With LeadGeek, you get a steady stream of proven-selling products directly to your inbox at 8 am CST every weekday. Gain peace of mind in knowing that you'll have guaranteed arbitrage opportunities without volume fluctuations.

500+ Retail sources

Our team sources over 500 US e-retailers to give your product portfolio variety and help diminish lead over-exposure.

Reliable output

We guarantee 10 product leads every day, Monday-Friday. Our lists go out early in the morning so you can be first to market with these deals.


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Strict criteria

Don't sacrifice standards or cut any corners - every lead needs to meet rigorous requirements before they're approved and sent to you.

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Member support

Our experienced team has your back! Reach out to us for dedicated support and other perks exclusive to LeadGeek sellers.

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