Professional experience in your corner

The Leadgeek sourcing process includes review by a seasoned US Amazon seller for each and every lead. That way, the only products you see are ones that have been approved by years of FBA know-how.

  • Huh? Amazon seller review?

    Yup! An experienced Amazon seller checks the products. What's more - while almost every other sourcing list uses internationally-based virtual assistants to find new leads, the vast majority of our sourcing is done manually by a US Amazon seller themselves. No cutting corners 'round these parts.

  • Which part is evaluated by the experienced seller?

    Everything about each and every lead. They verify that the products are a match to the best of their knowledge, that the metrics are accurate, that any additional notes are accounted for, and that the product can be expected to sell with a reasonable degree of certainty.

  • Does that mean I can just purchase stuff willy-nilly?

    Probably not. It's recommended that you review each product before you add it to your inventory; Since when have double-checks been a bad idea?