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Sell with confidence, not confusion.

Navigating Amazon's marketplace can be a challenge, but there's no need to stumble through it alone. LeadGeek members gain access to guidance from experienced arbitrage sellers to prevent pitfalls and solve issues.

Why we're different

Receive world-class seller support.

100% Issue solve rate

We help you get every problem resolved, whether you have a question with our leads or an issue with Amazon itself.

Seller account protection

Your account is safe - receive help appealling a wrongful Amazon account suspension as a result of one of our leads.

Accessible communication

Readily communicate with our team through several methods, so you can have your problems solved quickly and easily.

Problem solving at your fingertips.

100% Issue solve rate

Bring any issue to our team's attention, and we guarantee a resolution. No matter how small the problem, LeadGeek members get their inquiries fixed thoroughly every time.

Keep your Amazon account humming.

Seller account protection

If you receive a wrongful suspension from Amazon as a result of selling one of our arbitrage leads, our team will help you appeal it. We stand behind our lead suggestions, so you'll be guided through the appeal process to get your account fully reinstated.

Tailored & individualized support.

Accessible communication

Because of strict member caps, our team can provide in-depth support through several different methods of communication. Members of the Grow Plan receive support via email, and Pro Plan members additionally receive phone support.

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Strict criteria

Don't sacrifice standards or cut any corners - every lead needs to meet rigorous requirements before they're approved and sent to you.

Learn about lead criteria

Proven reliability

Our team works tirelessly to bring you a consistent output of high-quality products that you can count on to deliver results.

Learn about sourcing reliability

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