Simplify your Amazon selling.

Leadgeek is a tool that makes FBA sourcing productive, organized, and clear. People that use Leadgeek are more efficient at finding fresh arbitrage leads day in and day out. Here's how the magic happens.

The current baloney won't cut it.

Why should you learn how to tweak a-million-and-one settings and spend hours only to find a small handful of products to arbitrage? That’s like finding a needle in a haystack. You're putting in the time to find some gold nuggets, but how many leads are you missing? And more importantly - how much time are you wasting?

Whether you’ve been screening thousands of products to find the 0.5% of winners or picking leads out from spreadsheets that look like they belong to the last decade, the traditional sourcing process can be quite frustrating. Unless something changes, it doesn’t take long for “traditional” to turn into "painful.”

It starts with the Feed.

The Feed is a flow of arbitrage leads curated for you. These hand-picked leads are screened, scrubbed, and streamlined so you only see the best of the best. The Feed won’t clutter your screen with information you don’t want to see, but you can still dive deeper into any item on the fly. Rather than drowning in data, you’re empowered to inspect products as you see fit - making “easy” the default.

Great standards come standard.

There are lots of rigorous criteria every lead must meet in order for it to ever see the light of day. Each item is individually inspected to meet certain profit, ROI, ranking, and monthly sales requirements (with selling fees accounted for too!). Now there's no more time-waste doing this repetitive process yourself.

Filters are your friend.

Our intuitive filters help you surface information rather than digging through it by hand. Is there a minimum profit you’d like your inventory to have? There’s a filter for that. Want to only sell lighter items? Or only ones that have at least 75 sales/month? You’re in control: combine these preferences together and focus all attention on the perfect productsto add to your inventory.

Develop an eye for details.

When you find a lead you’re interested in, it takes no time at all to see if it should make the cut. The detailed view provides the full picture before you decide to order. It’s easy to check out the historical price or sales rank to verify that the item will reasonably sell well in the future.

Keep track of the good stuff.

Adding more leads to your collection is simple, not overwhelming. Is there an item you want to set aside for a few minutes while you sort through the other leads of the day? Add it to your liked leads and check back when you’re ready. If there’s something you think that might be great to re-stock on in the future, add it to your archived collection. You’re in total control of organizing the leads how it best works for you.

Simplify your side-hustle

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