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The 🌎's most exclusive online arbitrage deal Marketplace

Gone are online arbitrage deals that don't fit your criteria. Kick overpriced, non-refundable subscriptions to software and lists to the curb. Find the best things to flip on Amazon with an online arbitrage deal Marketplace where you only pay for the deals you like.

"Uh, does that mean I only pay for online arbitrage deals I like?" - You, probably

Yeah. Exactly that. 👇

Performance that speaks for itself

Leadgeek has perfected online arbitrage research over the past 896 days so FBA businesses just like yours can be as great as the products they sell.


Online arbitrage deals found 🎉

  • $13

    Average profit

  • 81%

    Average ROI

  • 81

    Average sales

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Here's the first thing you need to know 🧠

Only members can buy these online arbitrage deals

Membership doesn't cost money, but it is extremely limited. If you get in, you'll have access to claim the exclusive, vetted online arbitrage deals of the Marketplace.

online arbitrage lead data analysis

Personalize your arbitrage sourcing

It's okay to be picky 🔎. You get more than 15 data points about a deal at no cost, so you can feel confident that each one will meet your specific selling criteria.

claim online arbitrage lead

Tokens are the currency around here

Just like your favorite arcade, we've gone retro 🎮. You can exchange a token to claim an arbitrage deal; and once you do, its identifying details are revealed.

claimed online arbitrage lead

A workflow that's built around you

Leadgeek doesn't have any subscriptions, recurring costs, or hidden fees. You only pay for the deals you claim - and not a dime more - so you can scale up as you want. 🌱

Packed with advanced features

Make your sourcing potent, fresh, and fun - Leadgeek is loaded with a modern suite of tools and integrations to give you the cutting edge in online arbitrage.

  • Ungated products

    Link up to Seller Central so you know which products you're gated in before spending a token.

  • Deal Buyout

    Don't share - become the only owner of an online arbitrage deal by "buying out" all other spots.

  • Token refunds

    You can instantly refund a token within 15 minutes of claiming a deal if it doesn't check out after all.

  • Top-tier support

    Reach out to human, friendly, and timely support whenever you need help or have a question.

Unlock deals from the inner circle

When you spend tokens on the Marketplace, you unlock access to increasingly better deals. This way, only the most active, loyal, and serious members get first pick of the best products - eliminating any price-tanking and "races to the bottom."

Leadgeek integrates seamlessly into your deal sourcing workflow.

Let's face it - sourcing good online arbitrage deals is a grind. Lists are clunky and outdated messes. Software takes up a ton of time, and there's still no guarantee you'll find deals to flip.

Free up time, find profitable inventory, and blow up your Amazon sales in 2023 by letting Leadgeek do the research for you. All you have to do is log in, pick your favorites from the Marketplace, and order.

"I wanna give Leadgeek a try, but..."

  • // "I've been burned by deal lists or software before"

    Yep, I hear you. I'm sorry for whatever overpriced tool ripped you off in the past, but Leadgeek isn't a deal list or software. It's a Marketplace.

    Since you get to choose the arbitrage deals you pay for, you know exactly the quality of product you're getting each and every time. Just in case that isn't enough, once you spend a token you get 15 minutes to review a deal and determine if all that info is accurate. If not, just instantly refund that token and check out the other OA deals on the Marketplace.

  • // "What if I'm gated in these OA deals?"

    It's not a problem. Aside from the point above 👆, you can link your Seller Central account to Leadgeek in 3 clicks.

    Once your accounts are integrated, you'll automatically see if a product on the Marketplace is restricted for you before you spend a token on it. Nifty, huh?

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    Horn-tootin' 📢

    What members have to say

    Leadgeek has a 98% overall rating on Webretailer and tons of happy members.

    • The very first thing I bought as an FBA seller was from your list about 33 days ago. I've sold 5 units of that item so far today (it's only 3:50pm CST) and it's my first $100 day. Profit margin is roughly 25% and ROI more than 2x that. Thank you for helping me get started, [it's] excellent and only getting better. Highly recommend.

      - Charles G.

    • Delivered their lists as promised daily and always had at least a few items I was interested in. Good value, would recommend.

      - Brian P.

    • I really like the [software] setup.

      - Dimitry S.

    • I want to thank you for the effort you make to find products with such good quality. It has been the best decision I have made in acquiring your list. Thank you!

      - Frank R.

    • 5 stars for you guys making this super simple.

      - Austin N.

    • The software is awesome... It looks FANTASTIC on my first try! Great work.

      - Yucheng W.

    • I love the leads, they're very good. Leadgeek will pay off in a week... definitely the best site I've found for leads.

      - Kevin H.

    • I've been very satisfied so far!

      - Dail T.

    • A friend of mine who got me started with Amazon uses 2 different lists, and I have seen about 5 total different lists. Yours is by far the most user friendly out there, so definite kudos there.

      - Devin M.

    • Seriously, this is excellent customer service and you're very reassuring...I'm seriously going to mention you to a few friends who might need your service.

      - John F.

    • Great source for retail and online arbitrage leads. Easy-to-use interface with links to retailer site and Amazon, daily lists, key information about each item like estimated number of monthly sales. Overall I am happy with Leadgeek and plan to continue using the service.

      - Cage B.

    • Great product you provide. It's allowed me to grow to the point where I needed more listings and the other list I subscribed to wasn't doing it for me. Always has high quality leads and many more leads than a different more expensive list. Overall I highly recommend this list over other lists I have purchased in the past. Support is always responsive and the leads are great. I've been able to double my profits using this list. So much better than hours of pouring over Tactical Arbitrage. [It's] so good I canceled my other lists!

      - Cris W.

    • You have an awesome product here and it's really improved since I used it about a year ago.

      - Sal C.

    • Leadgeek delivers on their promises in the promo video on time every day with solid ROI leads. Would definitely recommend giving them a shot if you want to take the guess work out of sourcing for FBA. Definitely recommend.

      - William S.

    • Thanks for this awesome service! It's been AMAZING so far!

      - Zoe R.

    • I like the program, I like how easy it is to navigate, and it seems very functional.

      - Keith V.

    • Great leads! I have purchased a dozen different items in multiples my first week.

      - Edward M.

    • I enjoy the service and personally think this model is more focused on the consumer... Thanks for the quick and genuine response.

      - Kyle C.

    • You obviously have a really cool website here and I love the concept.

      - Tom L.

    • // What are the Marketplace deal criteria?

    • // What is a token?

    • // How much does a token cost?

    • // Is the data for each deal updated periodically?

    • // Which categories are sourced?

    • // Can I sell these products on any Amazon marketplace?

    • // Do you offer any special discounts?

    • // What if I decide this isn't for me?

    • // What if I have more questions?

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