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Leadgeek vs online arbitrage software

There's quite a bit of intersection between the benefits of online arbitrage software and Leadgeek's Marketplace. At the end of the day, they're both trying to do the same thing: help you find products to flip on Amazon.

How they go about it, though, is pretty different. Leadgeek is a bit closer to an online arbitrage sourcing list than pure online arbitrage software, but it's not 100% a list either.

How does Leadgeek stack up to online arbitrage software?

Down below, I'll draw up an honest, realistic comparison between sourcing software and Leadgeek so you can make your own conclusions about which tool is better for your FBA business.

Really, Leadgeek is more of a unique alternative to online arbitrage software, so it's not like we're comparing apples-to-apples anyway.

  • // Leadgeek vs online arbitrage software features

    So which tool has more features? Honestly, sourcing software probably has more features - but that's not necessarily a good thing for everyone. It depends on what features are important to you.

    All arbitrage software operates differently, but the defining commonality is that they scrape retailers for products and compare them to Amazon listings.

    This means that you'll get hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of possible matches a software has pulled up for you to check out. This is going to be *extremely* useful to you if you have a lot of time to sort through these results, since in reality, it's likely that less than 1% of them will be matches. However, the products that you *do* find will be great for your Amazon business.

    There are all kinds of settings, tweaks, and options you can tinker with to make your sourcing software behave exactly like you want it to. The downside to this is that there's a pretty steep learning curve to get the software to act like you want.

    Enter Leadgeek. Leadgeek is based on the idea that most people don't have unlimited time to dedicate to online arbitrage. For many, it's a side-hustle and not a full-time job.

    That's why Leadgeek does all this sorting, searching, and filtering for you. Everything is done by hand, so you don't have these thousands of mismatched products to sort through. All you have to do is log into the Marketplace, pick out your favorite products, and sell them.

  • // Leadgeek vs online arbitrage software costs

    Fortunately, most online arbitrage sourcing softwares offer a free trial so you can test out if the product will be a good fit for you.

    Unfortunately, most software also operates on a subscription model. Having these recurring fees increases your monthly overhead and there's still not a guarantee that you'll find anything to sell (again, software output pretty much scales linearly with the time you put into it).

    Contrast this with Leadgeek, which is invite-only Those are guaranteed results, and there are no subscriptions. You simply pay-as-you-go for what you use - not a dime more.

  • // Every lead meets these standards

    • $6+ net profit

    • 40%+ ROI

    • 20+ sales / mo.

    • 10 exclusive spots

    • Sourced from 500+ U.S. retailers

    • U.S. seller approval

    • Not hazmat

  • // The average 896-day stats

    After providing 11k+ leads, here are the average metrics you can expect from Leadgeek. 👇

    • $13 net profit

    • 81% ROI

    • 81 sales / month

  • // Leadgeek vs online arbitrage software product restrictions

    A big issue with sourcing software is that you can spend hours pouring over potential matches, find profitable items to flip, and still not be able to sell them.

    The problem is product listing restrictions.

    Leadgeek solves this issue by integrating with your Seller Central account. Before you even spend a token on a lead, you can see if it's restricted (i.e. gated) in your account. That way, not only does the Marketplace have verified matches, it also has verified ungated products for you.

  • Support is always responsive and the leads are great. I've been able to double my profits... So much better than hours of pouring over Tactical Arbitrage. [It's] so good I canceled my other lists!

    - Cris W.

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