Amazon online arbitrage is now radically better

Feel like your arbitrage sourcing is stuck in limbo? Turn "I don't know what to sell" into "I have too much to buy" with a daily list of the best items to flip for profit on Amazon.

Leadgeek is made for modern Amazon sellers

Before using Leadgeek: Finding new things to sell on Amazon felt like it was sluggish and outdated. Spreadsheets are ok, but is it the way a legit business finds new leads?

After using Leadgeek: In quite literally one click, you have the day's 10+ best arbitrage leads displayed in a seamless software made by an Amazon seller, for Amazon sellers.

People who love clarity, love Leadgeek

Entrepreneurs, newbies, international, and pro FBA sellers all join Leadgeek to fundamentally improve the arbitrage sourcing process.

I love the leads, they're very good. Leadgeek will pay off in a week... definitely the best site I've found for leads.


New FBA seller

Delivered their lists as promised daily and always had at least a few items I was interested in. Good value, would recommend.


Intermediate FBA seller

Leadgeek delivers on their promises in the promo video on time every day with solid ROI leads. Would definitely recommend giving them a shot if you want to take the guess work out of sourcing for FBA.


Intermediate FBA seller

5 stars for you guys making this super simple.


New FBA seller

I want to thank you for the effort you make to find products with such good quality. It has been the best decision I have made in acquiring your list. Thank you!


International FBA seller

And there's plenty more where these came from.

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I'm Jake, founder and CEO here at Leadgeek, and I think Amazon arbitrage should be uncomplicated.

Buy an item low from a retailer like Target, sell it for profit on Amazon. Super simple and rewarding. Maybe it's time to refresh Seller Central to check for another sale?

But somewhere along the way things changed.

Arbitrage on Amazon got way too complex. Using software is time-consuming and complicated, and sourcing lists are dated and unreliable. Either solution feels like an incomplete deal-breaker.

The truth is, there's a lot to learn in e-commerce. There are countless tools you could use; and with no single point with which to control lead generation, attempting to scale gets messy in no time flat.

To say the least, online arbitrage was in desperate need of a dust-off.

Enter Leadgeek. Leadgeek believes that simplicity is scalability. Having a predictable source for leads with predictable standards means that you can grow... predictably.

Leadgeek is a reset button to make online arbitrage sourcing efficient, potent, and fresh by putting you back in control. So poke around the site and check out how that works.

All the best,

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