About 🧭

TL;DR: My mission is to build the absolute best arbitrage platform on the planet.

// The story

I think Amazon arbitrage should be uncomplicated, don't you?

Buy an item low from a retailer like Target, sell it for profit on Amazon. Super simple and rewarding. Maybe it's time to refresh Seller Central to check for another sale?

But somewhere along the way things changed.

The whole thing got way too complex. Using software is time-consuming and complicated, and sourcing lists are dated and unreliable. Either solution feels like an incomplete deal-breaker.

The truth is, there's a lot to learn in e-commerce. There are countless tools you could use; and with no single point with which to control lead generation, attempting to scale gets messy in no time flat.

To say the least, online arbitrage was in desperate need of a dust-off.

Enter Leadgeek. Leadgeek believes that simplicity is scalability.

Leadgeek is a reset button to make online arbitrage sourcing efficient, potent, and fresh by putting you back in control.

// The vision

First things first - Leadgeek is bootstrapped and independent.

It's my belief that taking VC money is best for the investors of the company, not for the customers or products of the company. Therefore, it's my goal to stay small, nimble, and focused on handcrafting an amazing platform that Amazon sellers want to use.

Next, I'm going to stay open not only to feedback on how to improve the tools I make, but also suggestions for ones you'd find valuable in the future. Some of the best features have been totally crowdsourced from Amazon sellers just like you, so be vocal!

Lastly, I'm not going to compromise on quality. It's a bit of a one-man-army around here as far as turning new ideas into reality, but that doesn't mean I can't punch above my weight. Excellent products take time to build, and the payoff will be worth it.

If you have questions about how this all works, you can fill out the contact form or email me directly at jake@leadgeek.io

- Jake Hatfield, founder & CEO