Free ASIN auto-ungating 🔑

ASIN Amplify is a list of items reported by Amazon sellers to have a good chance of granting automatic approval in a brand or category. Test them out on your own Seller account for free. 🧪

  • // Auto ungating ASIN list

    • Each item on the list will redirect you to "Request Approval" in Seller Central. Clicking on that button will allow you to list the item (auto-ungating success 🎉) or submit further documentation (you weren't instantly approved).

    • Not all of these items will ungate you. If an item from this list doesn't ungate you immediately, don't worry. You may be auto-approved if you retry with different account metrics later.

    • Remember to like items on the list that you were approved in.

    • Even with these auto-approvals, you should always check listing restrictions in Seller Central before purchasing inventory.

    • By using ASIN Amplify you agree to the Leadgeek privacy policy and terms of service.

    • There are currently 97 brands and categories in the database.

  • // Request an invite

    Much like ASIN Amplify, you can browse Leadgeek's Marketplace totally for free. If you think you'd like these leads, you can request an invite. If you need help finding products to flip on Amazon, I think it'll be really helpful to you.

    Some other 100% free, no-strings-attached tools on this site include an Amazon supplier list and an IP complaint database. So check 'em out when you have the time...

// ASIN Amplify

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Please note: This tool is intended for use on a computer. It's a lot easier to use that way, but you do you! 😅

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