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Ah, the beta version of the Leadgeek Marketplace is finally here.

This project was several months in the works, and one simple goal was in my mind the whole time: “How do I make this best for the sellers who will use it?”

I hope that’s paid off and you actually find it useful.

The previous version of Leadgeek was based on a subscription model. You’d pay a monthly fee, and you’d receive a certain number of online arbitrage leads each day in exchange.

It wasn’t a bad concept, but there were some things I didn’t like about it:

  1. Not every product you received was ungated for your Seller account. There was some amount of “throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks” by posting leads and hoping that at least some of them were useful to you.
  2. Not every product you received was consistent with your own preferences. Be it profit margin, category, or something else, not every product fit your criteria. The thing is, not every product should fit your criteria - it’s great to be picky about what you sell. But I didn’t feel great delivering products that you weren’t able to use.
  3. Product leads are distributed among a small, select group of other sellers. Though this is basically an industry-standard practice, it’s not ideal to share a product lead with anyone else for competition’s sake.
  4. The monthly fee meant that you couldn’t scale sourcing up or down as you need.
  5. I’d like to create more tools and services for you, but I didn’t want those to be on separate monthly subscriptions.

So I did some thinking and decided to create a pay-as-you-go Marketplace for online arbitrage leads. You only pay for what you want and what you’re excited to use. It’s pretty simple:

  • Purchase tokens
  • Redeem those tokens for leads
  • Refund those tokens if you don’t like the leads

Besides the obvious advantages to the new model, this means that I can more easily create new tools or enhance the functionality of the Marketplace.

To solve point #1 above, you can now link your Seller Central account to your Leadgeek account to check for product restrictions before you purchase a lead.

To solve point #2 above, you can see all non-identifying details and product metrics before you purchase a lead.

To solve point #3 above, you can be the exclusive viewer of an arbitrage lead by buying-out (i.e. Buyout) all other spots that might be claimed by another seller.

To solve point #4 above, you can purchase packs of tokens (or Kits) as needed. There are discounts for buying in bulk, but the pricing on each Kit is fair and straightforward with no hidden fees or recurring subscriptions. What you see is what you get.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the new model, reach out via the contact page.

Switching from v1

If you’re an existing member coming from Leadgeek v1, it’s pretty seamless to switch over to v2. Sign up with the same email as your v1 account and I’ll credit it with tokens according to the remaining value of your billing cycle.

For example, your old account was under the email address ”mycoolemail@xyz.com” and you had the equivalent of $90 left on your billing cycle. Sign up with the same email credentials on the new system and I’ll credit $90 X 1.5 = $135 in tokens to your Leadgeek v2 account. I’ll have to do this part by hand, so it may take a few hours for me to get to it.

I’ve turned off auto-renewal for your billing account on the old system, so you won’t be charged for your existing subscription in the future.

I’ll leave Leadgeek v1 up and running until Feb. 28th so you can export any leads there.

If you don’t want to transfer from v1 to v2, please contact me and I’ll refund any unused time, no questions asked.



  • The affiliate program now rewards one-time purchases instead of recurring subscriptions