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I’ve been working diligently to release the most priority updates to Leadgeek v2. It feels like most of the leaks in the bucket have been plugged, and what’s left is to do general enhancements to the Marketplace and account pages.

I know it’s not perfect yet, but I think v2 is in a good place considering it’s only been released for 1 week. 🤯

There’s been a ton of feedback on how to make the site better, and I genuinely appreciate it. I’ve implemented a lot of the suggestions already, including lowering the max spots per lead from 15 to 10 other sellers. 🏆

If you have suggestions of your own, please reach out.


  • Docs to keep a repository of tutorials, how-tos, and walkthroughs of Leadgeek
  • Standardization of lead sources for easier sorting, searching, and filtering in the future
  • Leadgeek policies opt-in on sign up


  • Table pagination, sorting, and filtering
  • Mobile optimizations, particularly with the navigation menu
  • Proper unit conversions and standardization of decimals
  • Bare-bones lead page graph enhancements for historic prices… more to do here for future updates