Stay up to date with every change made to Leadgeek since 2021.

  • Version 1.01


    New features

    • UI

      • Complete overhaul of the way things look, with enhanced depth and responsive animations

    • Hotkeys

      • Perform repetitive actions with hotkey shortcuts, like viewing, liking, and archiving a lead

    • Filters

      • Filters are now easier to add and manage in the updated interface. Filters now also apply to "Liked," "Archived," & "Search"

    • Notifications

      • Receive announcement and account-specific information in the new notifications system

    • Dark mode

      • Your eyes can chill with an option to switch things dark


    Removed features

    • Prep fees

      • Temporarily removed the automatic prep fee calculator to iterate on an implementation that accounts for more factors


    Bug fixes

    • Exporting

      • Fixed a bug where exporting leads only exported all available leads. Filters and date ranges now apply to the exported batch

    • Error monitoring

      • Unhandled crashes are now automatically reported to make the app more robust

    • @typescript refactor

      • Not exactly a bug fix, more of bug prevention. TypeScript will help app development progress faster and with fewer errors


    Security fixes

    • Lowercase login

      • Fixed an error where the lowercase email input didn't allow an otherwise successful login